Stories and Testimonies from our Guests


Freedom from Addictions

“When I came to Cedarvale my life was in a bit of a mess. I was drinking and smoking too much and it was really affecting my relationships, not to mention my health.”

“The first few days were tough, as I struggled with withdrawals and detox side effects. Learning to relax was also a bit of a challenge, due to my fast-paced lifestyle. But once the first few days were over, I started to feel much better.”

“At the end of my stay, I felt like a new person. My wife came down and stayed on the last weekend, and she could hardly believe the changes. We had a wonderful time together and were able to reconnect and strengthen our relationship.”

“I’m now thinking clearly and have no cravings. I awaken each morning feeling refreshed and ready to face life. I would definitely recommend this program to others.”

Scott O.


“In just 2 days, I felt invigorated”

“I came to Cedarvale with an open mind to gain further knowledge of a healthier lifestyle. In just 2 days, I felt invigorated. The staff are very kind and caring and the accommodation was private, clean and comfortable. The food was delicious and it was fun going for regular walks on the truly magnificent property with staff other guests. My daily chosen treatment of a full body massage was amazing. I found it a very nurturing environment and a very comfortable place to stay as a single person. I highly recommend Cedarvale to anyone wanting to get on track with their health.”

Karina S.


Lost 5 kilos and a coffee addiction; didn't feel deprived on plant foods

“I am amazed! I have been at Cedarvale for 10 nights and have lost 5 kilos and a coffee addiction. I thought my symptoms of bloating, mood swings, cramps were all part of “coming of age” but after the educational health talks I have learnt these symptoms and many more can be controlled through the foods we eat.”

“The vegetarian menu/diet has been a real treat for my taste buds. I have not felt deprived or hungry. The care and support from the Cedarvale team was well above excellence.”

“I’ll have no trouble changing to this lifestyle because the staff have made the process so smooth.”

Suzanne D.


Lost 23 kilos – Insulin medication from 76 to 14 units per day

“I came to Cedarvale with diabetes. My blood sugar ranged between 17-20 mmols/litre and I weighed 126kg. I was depressed and had lost all interest in life. After 19 days at Cedarvale, my life turned around and is heading to recovery.”

“Now, three months later, I’m continuing my new lifestyle with everything I learned at Cedarvale and my health is continuing to improve in leaps and bounds. My insulin usage has dropped from 76 to 14 units per day, with normal blood sugar and I don’t take any other medication whatsoever. My weight is now 103 kilos – a loss of 23 kilos so far.”

“I’m amazed at this progress. I enjoy the vegetarian food and never feel hungry, often inventing new dishes and discovering new vegetarian products on the market. Now I work several hours a day in the garden growing my own organic vegetables…the increase in energy and strength allows me to enjoy life so much more and I plan to tour around Australia in a campervan in about a year’s time when I reach my target weight and fitness. I praise the day I found Cedarvale for I believe it has prolonged my life significantly”

Pat K.


A New Life: Diabetes, Hypertension, and Weight Under Control, Plus More

“Our doctor referred my wife and I to Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle Retreat to get help for my diabetes. The following is exactly what happened to me during my several weeks stay.

  • Diabetes: has almost disappeared. I believe I will be able to control the diabetes by continuing with this lifestyle program.
  • Blood Sugar: have gone from 74 units of insulin per day to nil and I’m sure I can continue without it altogether.
  • Weight Reduced:From 97.5 kilograms to 88 kilograms
  • Hip Pain: three hot pack treatments saw me improve from practically no walking to walking eight kilometres per day.
  • Gastro-intestinal: have polyps, diverticulitis and chronic irritable bowel syndrome which causes pain, flatulence and diarrhoea. Symptoms all have been markedly improved by the diet, exercise and hot pack treatments.
  • Nasal Discharge: stopped completely.
  • Urine Frequency: now much improved through drinking lots of water. Have cut out medication for this.
  • Fungus Infection: improved by diet, losing weight and diabetes control.
  • Arthritis: improved through diet and losing weight.
  • Depression: so much improved, I went from depression to a new life. In fact so well, I feel dangerous!”

Roy D.


Blood pressure dropped from 155/88 to 118/75 in two weeks

Hi, I’m Fritz 59 years old with a high-strung, achieving personality, stressful lifestyle and a long history of high blood pressure. I came to Cedarvale on the 12 night program and was pleasantly surprised at the results.

“My struggle with hypertension goes back a long way. I’ve been on medication for many years with no improvement and when my doctor said I should take some more medication, I decided to try Cedarvale’s 12 night program. Following my initial health assessment and pathology report, I was placed on a 3 day apple fast. I never knew apples could be eaten in so many ways. This was followed by a totally salt free diet for three days. The chef also made a special salt free bread for which I was very thankful. I found the talks very helpful for my stress levels and enjoyed the monitored exercise around Cedarvale’s rainforest trails. However, I benefited most in the kitchen with the hands-on cooking classes where I learned a whole new way of eating.”

“In two weeks my blood pressure dropped from 155/88 to 118/75. I can’t believe it! I feel great! I am still following the lifestyle program recommended by Cedarvale and now, three weeks later, my blood pressure is 121/68.”

Fritz B.


Loved It

Totally relaxed.  Everyone is so helpful and genuine.  The staff sure know their stuff.  My health and treatments were definitely taken care of.  I learnt so much to take home with me and continue for life.  All of the guests were made so welcome.   What great management, great chef, great staff.   Fantastic retreat.

Toni C.


Lost 6 kilos in 12 days

“I lost 6 kilos in 12 days. The food was excellent and the overall care I received from the staff was very good.”

Jack W.


Couple’s health turned around dramatically

“John lost about 13kgs by following a mainly vegan (plant-based) diet. His blood sugar is staying in the low range and we feel so much healthier. We had our first drink of alcohol in 3 months yesterday but didn’t enjoy it so. Will probably stay teetotal. My weight has also stablised at 56kg and I have lost all my irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Thank you for helping us turn our health around so dramatically.”

Jan and John M.


A Special Place to Find

“I really appreciated being able to stay where tasty, healthy vegetarian food is served. It is so hard to find such a place. Thank you.”

Ilse R.


Very effective program

“Great place and wonderful people. I would recommend it to anyone. I found the overall health and treatment program very effective. Thanks guys.”

John H


Arthritis: greatly improved

“Being a mechanic and always on my feet, my legs were giving me much trouble. My time at Cedarvale has really helped me relax and the treatments greatly helped my arthritis. I also came off coffee and was surprised how quickly the withdrawal headache disappeared.”

“My joints are much more mobile. My legs which are usually stiff and tired are now much more relaxed. The food was great and I have lost some weight. I would be happy to recommend the program to others”

James H.


Friendly, professional and down-to-earth

“Thank you so much to ‘everyone’ at Cedarvale. Your friendliness, professionalism, and down to earth natures really helped me relax and enjoy my stay.”

Lauren B.


Lost weight and lowered cholesterol levels

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Cedarvale. The staff were friendly and helpful and the food was terrific! I lost weight and lowered my cholesterol.”

Carl L.


"I Lost Over 6kgs!"

"The location is beautiful, the staff are excellent and go above and beyond, caring and so helpful. The food is superb and tasy and so healthy. I lost over 6kgs! My diabetes and blood pressure dropped dramatically!"

Martyn W.  (12 Night Program Guest)


Cedarvale really reduced my stress levels

My stay at Cedarvale really reduced my stress levels - the therapies were great, I went on lovely walks & the food was delicious, plentiful and healthy. It provided me with an opportunity to focus on my health & have a reset.

Joanne S. (5 Night Program Guest)


Stunning scenery, comfortable accommodation

“We had a very enjoyable stay at Cedarvale. The scenery is stunning the accommodation is very comfortable and the food is excellent. The staff were really friendly and helpful and were really keen to see our lifestyle improve. I lost some weight which is a great incentive for me to keep on the program at home.”

Vanessa L.


Recommended for Mums

“I feel that the retreat was like a school for mothers to look after themselves so that we can teach our children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

Debra R.


Came stressed and left refreshed

“I came to Cedarvale with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed sharing this experience with her. This will also keep us accountable to another and help us to continue to use all the wonderful recipes and information that we have been given. We came stressed and left refreshed.”

Faith L


“The vegetarian food is the best I’ve tasted.”

Ms B.A.

Griffith NSW


Enjoyed the walks and caring staff

“I particularly enjoyed the walks around the 150 acres of rainforest. We appreciated the caring, patient attitudes of all the staff here – we enjoyed our stay very much.

”Ms Y.S. - Sydney


Can’t wait to use the recipes!

“I will definitely use the recipes demonstrated and served when I go home – in fact I can’t wait!”

Mrs L.L. - Newcastle


Relief from sinus congestion

“For many years I experienced distressing sinus congestion, most likely related to allergies and intolerance to certain foods. To compound my already less-than-optimum health status, I contracted a viral illness and then developed a secondary bacterial infection. The antibiotics I was consuming didn’t appear to be arresting the infection and I continued to feel tired, listless, and was becoming depressed. My parents drove me down to Cedarvale, for which I was thankful. After arriving, I immediately began a treatment program. I found the meals, though free of dairy products, to be very tasty and satisfying. In the mornings, effective hydrotherapy packs were applied to my chest and relieved much of the congestion by improving the circulation. In the afternoon a series of baths was used to elevate my body temperature and thus stimulate the white blood cells to fight the infection. The baths, although somewhat exhausting, proved very effective. The infection soon began to clear up, bringing much relief. For the first time in months I began breathing through my nose, helping me to sleep much better. By the end of the week I began to feel remarkably well – and free of sinus congestion! My grateful thanks to the dedicated staff whom I found to be most pleasant at all times. I would certainly recommend my stay at Cedarvale as being a positive experience. It is my intention to return sometime in the near future – this time just for some rest and relaxation!”

Mrs L.A. - Sydney


Nourishes Body, Mind & Spirit!

“The Cedarvale experience is multi-faceted and all are excellent - welcoming & friendly staff, great food and superb treatments!! Unlike other health retreats, Cedarvale provides a very caring and personal service - small numbers of clients at any one time facilitates this! The Christian staff are reminders of a 'gratitude aspect' but NOT over the top!!”

Mrs Coleen. H.


"It will change your life!"

First Stay: I have found my time at Cedarvale to be positive, rewarding and enjoyable. I have lost 5 kilos of weight, learned so much and have taken on new tools to help make my life change in so many ways. I thoroughly recommend Cedarvale - it will change your life! The CHIP program is amazing. - Thank you Cedarvale

Second Stay: My second visit and Cedarvale did not disappoint. Lost 4 kilos - got back into walking and exercising again and feel fantastic. Wonderful food - lovely staff - just a great experience! Feel like I'm back 'on the road' to good health and it's wonderful. 

Kim P.


"Saved $60 on my first grocery shop!!"

"A very worthwhile experience. Lovely caring staff all round. Particularly impressed with the way the staff undertook their functions and often went beyond these. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to improve their health and wellbeing. My improvement was noticed on my return home. PS. Saved $60 on my first grocery shop!!"

Ian G.


"I have experienced a great change in my wellbeing"

"In only 5 days I have experienced a great change in my wellbeing. While I have no health issues at present, I have learnt how to optimise my health and I feel energised and motivated to do so through the the support from and education at Cedarvale. Thank you to all the staff at Cedarvale!"

Kristin B.


 "Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step...
Cedarvale is the start of that journey."

Thank you!! I was looking forward and excited about coming to Cedarvale (as this was my first time that I came to a place like this). I wanted to come to a place that suited my needs and Cedarvale was that place. 
All the staff have been fantastic from day one 'til the end. They have been really helpful and accommodate to our needs. Wow, the food has been so tasteful with so much flavour! The treatments have been fantastic. The programs have been extremely helpful and easy to understand. Another thing is the environment, it is so peaceful and quiet! And the smell of fresh air is amazing. 
And yes, one day I will be back either for a refresher or to reinforce what I have previously learnt. As the saying goes "Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" and coming to Cedarvale is the start of that journey.

Nick T.


"Best decision I have ever made!"

My personal experience staying at Cedarvale was the best descision I have ever made! I arrived an emotional wreck, stressed & addicated to alcohol. Julie and her staff have been incredible. From the moment I arrived the thought of having a drink never crossed my mind. The program has taught me invaluable skills for the mind, body & soul and I will be forever greatful for staying at Cedarvale for the 5 night program. I am excited about my new lifestyle.

Anna F.


"I enjoyed the variety of healthy filling food."

"Cedarvale has really helped with my restart.  May this be the start to a better life."  - Lynette J.


I loved the treatments."

"I have had the most amazing time at Cedarvale.  The staff are absolutely wonderful, very caring and made me feel very comfortable.  Thank you for everything!" 

- Deanna K.



"5 Nights - Lost 2 kg and lowered my blood pressure" - Chris C.


"I walked out of there a different person..."

"59 years old, packet a day smoker...and brain injured on top of that, Cedarvale was my last hope to kill the fag.  Spent 12 days there eating funny food and water (no coke, just water).  At first Cedarvale lifestyle was weird and I had doubts as to if they could help.  I not only quit the fag but lost 5 kilos, learnt how to cook properly and learnt so much about diet.  I was not aware of this, but it was on day 11 that I realised...Cedarvale had changed me...I walked out of there as a different person, calmer, more educated AND a non-smoker.  Many thanks to 'The Boss'...all the staff...and 'Elizabeth Taylor'.  - Eddie A.


"Felt very spoilt in treatments."

"Fabulous experience.  Food was fantastic. Educational talks were informative. Rooms were much nicer than I expected." - Marcia F. 


"Cycled past and saw the sign..."

 "An amazing experience and great way to step back from the daily grind of life. Fantastic information and strategies provided to manage stress and a very well structured program over 4 nights to achieve your own personal goals." - Andrew O.


"Brilliant Location"

"Excellent detail, staff and brilliant location.  Every aspect has been thoughtfully considered to ensure the guests are cared for to the highest degree." - Heidi


"Highly recommended"

"I really enjoyed by stay at Cedarvale.  It exceeded my expectations.  I needed the mental health focus which was a surprise.  The staff are amazing as is the accommodation.  Highly recommended."  -  Rachelle T.


"Tools to change"

Life changing.  Life affirming.  It has given me tools to change, choices I didn't understand I had to improve my well-being.  Allowed me time to introspect and be brutally honest with myself therefore triggering the beginning of change." - Steph W.

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