Cedarvale Booking Exemptions

The NSW Government’s current restrictions on movements between lockdown areas and Local Government Areas of concern do carry some exemptions under certain circumstances.  Clarification with NSW Health has verified that guests coming to Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle Retreat for the purpose of addressing health reasons do fall under the exemptions permitted.  Guests coming for rest and relaxation or a holiday do not qualify for exemption.


We offer support through Lifestyle Medicine in the following areas:

Chronic Lifestyle Diseases

Type 2 Diabetes

Heart disease

Weight Management

High Blood Pressure



Stress Management

Non-acute mental health issues

Reducing dependence on addictive substances


To assist us with accurate clarification of your reason for coming we would ask you to confirm your reason via email.  

To ensure protection of our guests from the potential risk of transmission of COVID, screening will still take place and people from hotspot areas will require a current COVID test result.

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