Commitment from the board members and friends to see Geoff's dreams become a reality continued, and in 1990, Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle Retreat opened its doors to the public. Since that day it has continued to receive hundreds of guests who have consequently experienced an improvement in their health and a new lease on life. A wholistic belief that God works through nature's remedies to promote health and healing continues to motivate and guide Cedarvale in its direction.

Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle Retreat is a not for profit Christian organisation which was founded by a visionary and inspirational man by the name of Geoff Richardson.

Geoff was a builder, architect and manual arts teacher with a strong desire to reach out and assist those around him. He purchased the 150-acre property known as Cedarvale in 1956 with the original intention of helping street kids and adults learn practical skills. This work was done in a limited capacity up until 1986 when he realised the potential of the property as a health and lifestyle retreat. With this in mind, Geoff kindly donated the property into what became a limited company and served as a member of the board to achieve this goal until his death in 1992.


First Stop Smoking Seminar Graduates

Ideas are only realised through diligent, consistent effort, and Cedarvale has been no exception. Carving an institution from thick rainforest has not been easy. But with generous assistance of hundreds of willing helpers; the planning, clearing, planting and building of both the lodge and the staff of residences has made Cedarvale what it is today.

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