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Stress and Relaxation

There’s hardly a better environment to de-stress and relax than Cedarvale


There’s hardly a better environment to relieve your stress and relax than at Cedarvale. With its fantastic surroundings of walking trails, waterfalls and wildlife, you’ll experience how nature provides one of the best environments to reduce stress and aid relaxation.


Our massage and hydrotherapy treatments are one of the highlights at Cedarvale. Hydrotherapy is one of our specialties. We constantly see how these treatments effectively relax the body, elevate the mood and improve circulation. Massage has always been been a favourite mode of treatment. You’ll experience the stress leaving your body and mind, leaving you feeling very relaxed. Combining massage with hydrotherapy takes the treatment to another level as their unique benefits are complimentary to each other. Hydrotherapy can have the effect of being a tonic, stimulant or relaxant. Merging these effects with massage has a wonderful synergising impact on the body (depending on the results sought). Visit our treatments list on how the various treatments can help you feel better.

Emotional health

As stress affects the body via our minds/thoughts, a key part of our program targets the health of the mind. Good food, sleep and exercise help improve our emotional intelligence quotient (EQ), but how we think also plays a significant role. During your time at Cedarvale, you will have the opportunity to improve your EQ through a variety of fun exercises, based on some of the fascinating research emanating from the Positive Psychology school of thought.

Good nutrition

Nutrition affects our brains, and thus our anxiety levels and moods, in a powerful way. The fact that what we put into our body can actually help or hinder the brain’s neuronal function is a new concept to many, but one that deserves more attention. Relax and enjoy nutritious meals that will boost your “happy feelings”. Call us on 02 4465 1362 or message us today to see how we can help you de-stress.

Recognising that many people have multiple health needs, the information provided on each link is a general guide as to how our program may help that particular condition, not necessarily all your health requirements. All your needs are taken into consideration in establishing a program for you.

Success Stories…

Came stressed and left refreshed

“I came to Cedarvale with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed sharing this experience with her. This will also keep us accountable to another and help us to continue to use all the wonderful recipes and information that we have been given. We came stressed and left refreshed.”

Faith L