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Stop Smoking

Make the decision now to quit smoking with our help. It’s a decision that you will never regret.

Most people are nervous about quitting because it can be miserable they wonder if they will be successful – especially if you’ve tried many times before.

Our program helps “to have the misery taken out of quitting.” It’s important to detox from nicotine fast. Our program does this quickly. Many of our “quitters” comment on just how much easier it was than expected to quit with limited withdrawals effects.

Cravings come and go and it’s important to recognize a craving coming on and have some strategies in place to counteract them quickly.

Interestingly many people have found it easier to stay quit with the reinforcement that comes from eating more healthy and maintaining good levels of fitness. In other words adopting a non-smoking healthy lifestyle reinforces the decision not to smoke again.

One of the best things to about coming to Cedarvale is that of having a complete change of environment – especially during those early days when cravings are the strongest. Away from home, family, shops etc. helps to reduce those familiar triggers.

Make the decision now to quit smoking with our help. It’s a decision that you will never regret.

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Recognising that many people have multiple health needs, the information provided on each link is a general guide as to how our program may help that particular condition, not necessarily all your health requirements. All your needs are taken into consideration in establishing a program for you.

Success Stories…

Freedom from Addictions

“When I came to Cedarvale my life was in a bit of a mess. I was drinking and smoking too much and it was really affecting my relationships, not to mention my health.”

“The first few days were tough, as I struggled with withdrawals and detox side effects. Learning to relax was also a bit of a challenge, due to my fast-paced lifestyle. But once the first few days were over, I started to feel much better.”

“At the end of my stay, I felt like a new person. My wife came down and stayed on the last weekend, and she could hardly believe the changes. We had a wonderful time together and were able to reconnect and strengthen our relationship.”

“I’m now thinking clearly and have no cravings. I awaken each morning feeling refreshed and ready to face life. I would definitely recommend this program to others.”

Scott O.