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In many cases dietary factors may contribute to various forms of arthritis such as food intolerances

In many cases, dietary factors have been known to contribute to various forms of arthritis such as food intolerances. At Cedarvale, our doctor may discuss with you various options for identifying these. Emerging evidence suggests that diet plays a significant role in the management of arthritis. Many find a plant-based diet reduces the pain of inflammation associated with varying types of arthritis. This has been backed up by a number of studies. Specific types of hydrotherapy may also assist in the management of this problem by improving circulation and reducing inflammation. Enriching your diet with foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature will also help decrease the inflammation caused by arthritis. Call us on 02 4465 1362 or message us today to see how we can help you with arthritis.

Recognising that many people have multiple health needs, the information provided on each link is a general guide as to how our program may help that particular condition, not necessarily all your health requirements. All your needs are taken into consideration in establishing a program for you.

Success Stories…

Arthritis: greatly improved

“Being a mechanic and always on my feet, my legs were giving me much trouble. My time at Cedarvale has really helped me relax and the treatments greatly helped my arthritis. I also came off coffee and was surprised how quickly the withdrawal headache disappeared.”

“My joints are much more mobile. My legs which are usually stiff and tired are now much more relaxed. The food was great and I have lost some weight. I would be happy to recommend the program to others”

James H.